IDEALS envisions an empowered and resilient citizenry sustained by participatory and accountable governance, equitable enjoyment of resources and opportunities, and accessible justice.


To empower the marginalized sectors, and with them, work for a policy and legal environment oriented towards the realization of their rights and participation in governance.


  • Resource tenure of marginalized sectors in the rural areas (especially agrarian reform beneficiaries or ARBs) is assured.
  • Promotion of the rights and welfare of marginalized sectors affected by international and domestic trade policies and agreements.
  • Protection and promotion of the rights of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families.


  • Legal Equity
  • Land Rights: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development
  • Economic Rights: International Rights
  • Migrants Defense
  • Development Consultancy


IDEALS is supported by ICCO (Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation) a small grants was also provided by OXFAM-GB Ireland.


IDEALS serves as the legal resource institute and member of trade advocacy groups in the Philippines, IDEALS also renders support to Overseas Development Assistance Watch (ODA Watch) and works with various NGO Networks, Consortiums Alliances such as Philippines Social Enterprise Network (PHILSEN), PHILCOMDEV, Philippine Network of Rural Development Institutes, Inc. (PHILNET) and Kasayangan Foundation, Inc. (KFI-Mindanao)

IDEALS is the lead convenor of Magkaisa (United) Junk JPEPA (Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement) a coalition of environmentalist NGOs/POs Trade Advocates, Rural Development Institutes to junk the proposed treaty.

IDEALS actively campaign for the passage of House Bill 5699 otherwise known as CARP Extension Bill. IDEALS also serves as convenor-secretariat of the coalition supporting the bill.