marilynnobeRuben Nobe sings off his “One Moment in Time” after receiving a free copy of his certificate of live birth

Ruben, a 12 year-old lad from Tacloban City’s Apitong village has been aspiring to become a popular singer. He has been a consistent honor student since his elementary days.

Like the typical young Filipinos, he may be good in academics, but clueless on the potential problem posed of being unregistered in his quest to finish education.

What really bothered his mom, Marilyn, a 47-year-old barbecue stick maker, are the exorbitant fees in processing late registration of birth, not to mention fare from their village to the city center and other expenses.

Marilyn and husband, Romeo, 49-year-old, a pedicab driver only earns P200 daily, not even enough to meet the basic needs of their large family. Both of them just finished elementary education. To process late registration of Ruben, the family needs at least P1,000 for processing fee.

Ruben, the youngest in the family, had shown persistence to achieve his dreams by joining big time singing competitions like McDonalds Anniversary and he almost made it to Willie Revillame’s noon time show in TV5.

With his young mind, he is open to opportunities and now his uploaded video on Youtube continues to draw viewers.

The program of Initiatives for Dialogue and Empowerment through Alternative Legal Services (IDEALS) cast away their worries when a team of community workers offered free services in processing vital documents.

IDEALS provides legal advice, notarial services, and legal services establishing identity of the victims or survivors

Ruben’s mom family was even more grateful that the program was held in their village hall, setting aside discomforts form sun heat and long lines.

“This program truly helps those victims who lost their personal documents and also this gives chances to those who are underprivileged to register themselves,” Ruben said.

At last, the youngster’s hope to finish elementary would not touchdown the ground of failure. With the help of IDEALS, he’ll surely traverse his journey towards his what the late singer Whitney Houston called a “one moment in time” success. – Kathryn A. Orbigozo, LNU Intern

Birth certificate helps amateur singer build his own name

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